Get to know me a little better

How to describe me: A little bit nerdy, incredibly sarcastic, super kinky, articulate, and hedonistic. I've been told I'm like a goth/alternative Felicia Day and Allison Hannigan.


I'm told that my best physical features are my captivating green eyes and my smile. My pale skin is decorated with a number of large tattoos that are tasteful and beautifully colored. My hair color changes more frequently than the seasons.

I enjoy witty, intelligent conversation and learning new things. I want to leave you with a spring in your step and a stupid grin on your face.


Humor makes everything better.I am known among friends for my bad puns and dad jokes.

More often than not during conversations there is a question on the tip of my tongue in hopes of furthering my knowledge. I also like being able to share my knowledge with others. I am a full time student and that can limit availability.


My favored past times including spending time with my animals, playing table top/RPG games, and crafting.

I'm always listening to something, my latest obsession has been the Critical Role Podcast. Where, as they say, a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors play DnD. Music wise I listen to a lot of Metal and Rock music. 


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