First Time?

Welcome! Take a deep breath, I know it can be overwhelming. I see newbies on a case by case basis.


What I need from you:

A polite, well written email that tells me a bit about yourself and helps me get to know you. I strongly prefer 90 minute or longer appointments when meeting for the first time. I often will ask for your LinkedIn profile. I am discreet with my screening, but I have to feel safe seeing you.



Hi Chayse,


My name is John and I saw your ad on XYZ site. I'm a 45 year old man who works technology and lives in an igloo on the moon. Some of my interests are collecting dust, building popsicle stick castles, and watching the grass grow. I would like to spend two hours with you on X date and time, or Y date and time.



If you would like to meet in person first I am available for meet and greets at a public place of my choosing. These are $40 and typically last 30 minutes.


Keep in mind:

Sending me vulgar, rude, poorly written messages does not reflect well on your ability to follow instructions and will greatly impact my decision on whether or not I see you.


Whether you consider yourself to be a seasoned pooner, or this is your first time, these websites are worth a read.



As far as I am concerned, it is really easy to be a good client.



  • Be on time!! Don't show up 20 minutes early, or late. If you are going to be late let me know as soon as you know. If you're early, offering to pick up coffee is a perfect way to kill some time and earn brownie points with me.

  • Be clean! I have a shower, tons of fluffy towels, unscented soap, and mouthwash. You can shower before and after our time together

  • Be polite! Beyond that, bring a positive attitude. The energy you bring helps me gauge the style of session we will have.


  • Haggle! This is the number one complaint of every girl that I have ever talked to.

  • Be rude, crude, or offensive! For my safety I do not list or discuss services. However I don't mind you stating activities that you enjoy or are specifically looking for, just be polite about it. As a frame of reference I consider myself to be a kinky girlfriend experience.

  • Push Boundaries! No means no. The end.

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