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To Blog or Not to Blog

I've been writing on and off since I was a kid. I was a voracious reader and my love of words led me to write. Nothing prolific, some short stories, lots of angsty teenage poems and song lyrics from when I was sure I would be a lead singer in a band. When I was 18 and living in transitional housing I made $500 writing English papers for a stripper, I'm still really proud of that. I've attempted many times to blog and I always end up abandoning them when I get burnt out and depression kicks in.

Some sex workers blog about their experiences and take different angles. Some never cross the 4th wall, some do. I am open about being a sex worker, probably too open. Everyone in my life knows what I do and I believe in frequent and frank discussions about the reality of being a sex worker, especially after the passing of SESTA/FOSTA. But I also love discussing what happens in session, I do love this job and this industry. Is there room in a blog for all of this?

I want to write, but I don't know what people will read.

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